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New technology means that booking a legal consultation takes just seconds online. Never before has accessing a lawyer been so easy.

A Digital Lawyer Experience.  Founded in Ontario, Made for Ontarians. Speak To A Lawyer Online. Anytime.

What is Key Legal?

You can access virtual law services from the comfort of your home. Open 7 days a week, lawyers are ready to help anytime. Speak to a lawyer online, anytime for one low platform access fee of $0-$29.99, depending on the subject matter.

Why Virtual Law Services?

-It’s quick and easy

-Speak to a lawyer whenever you’re free

-No need to leave the comfort of your home or office

-One low cost, no hidden fees, no further obligations.

How do you use Key Legal?

It is so easy to get started using virtual law services.  Simply visit Key Legal at, go to the Booking Page and schedule your:

Free Personal Injury Law Consultation

Free Long-Term Disability Consultation

Employment Law Consultation ($29.99)

Business Law Consultation ($29.99)

Real Estate Law Consultation ($29.99)

Family Law Consultation ($29.99)

Criminal Law Consultation ($29.99)

Immigration Law Consultation ($29.99)

Small Claims Court Law Consultation ($29.99)

General Litigation Consultation ($29.99)

Workplace Investigation Consultation ($29.99)

Wills and Estates Law Consultation ($29.99)

Landlord and Tenant Law Consultation ($29.99)

About Key Legal

The inspiration behind Key Legal was the growth of telehealth services.  Online lawyers make it easier to have access to justice by making lawyers more approachable and affordable for the general public. 

Virtual Law services have become popular in many jurisdictions around the world, but Canada has not seen much legal innovation.  

The goal of Key Legal is to allow easy access to lawyers in Ontario without having to travel to law firms’ physical offices.    

Free legal services such as legal aid certificates are difficult to come by unless a person has extremely low income.  There is a large segment of the population that does not qualify for legal aid or have issues that are not covered by community legal clinics, but would otherwise find legal services too expensive.  

Whether you are:

-Starting a new business

-Getting a divorce

-Thinking about a pre-nup

-Getting sued 

-Landlord trying to evict you

-Tenant causing damage

-Insurance company denying claim

-Hurt in a car accident or slip and fall accident

-Buying a new home

-Refinancing your property

-Entering into a lease agreement

-Getting a Canadian work permit or study permit

-Being harassed at work or have a human rights complaint

-Looking at writing a will or having a power of attorney

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