10 Small Fountain Ideas For Outdoor Decoration

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Spring is here, wonder how to decorate your garden?  The best project should be choose a marble fountain for your backyard or front garden!  Instead of google which marble fountain suit me and get lost in the data jungles, you could find a easy solution and suggestions about stone fountains in the following blogs! 

You are not alone, A lot of people get confused on what type of fountain to purchase for their homes and properties. If you’re on this train, here are some amazing small fountain ideas for your outdoor decoration.  If you want to reach a short cut, I suggest you google Marblebee, a Canadian marble fountain and stone bathtub brand. They have a variety of marble fountains to choose from.  All of their photos are taken from real projects and they customized the size and shape of your stone fountain

Types of Fountain

1. Tabletop model fountains

2. Wall fountains

3. Floor fountains

It is important to go with a type that best suits your tastes, outdoor and layout. We would be discussing each type and examples under them.

Tabletop model fountains

Tabletop water fountains are usually small, compact, and are usually kept on top of surfaces. Some tabletop models are:

  1. Cara classica: It has a compact size and because of this, it can fit into any area of the garden giving off a refined classy look to your garden or outdoor.
  2. World menagerie flower blossoms: This fountain is known for its copper ornaments that might be just what you need in your garden.
  3. Zen plinth: It is a whimsical fountain and is quite on the heavy side weighing about 100 pounds.
  4.  Monk fountains: This fountain goes well with most rock gardens giving it a simple and dignified look.
  5. Mini element with birds: A lovely garden that gives a sense of nature with cast stone birds, perfect for your outdoors.
  6. Alpine Rock Waterfall with LED lights: It is beautiful especially at night with illuminating lights. It has an average weight and classy look.
  7. Fire and water fountain: This fountain is a perfect combo of fire and water. It runs on paraffin oil and gives a beautiful touch to your outdoors.
  8. Thinking gnome: A selective fountain that fits perfectly in some gardens but very out of place in some.
  9. Girona Garden Fountain: This round fountain has lines around it and a single water source that spreads water across a flat surface. The water disappears over the edge.
  10. Small Oblique with Ball Outdoor Fountain: Has a ball at the top with a water source at the middle of the top of the ball that sends water down it and into a square base.

3KM.ca was not involved in the creation of this content.
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