How to measure epoxy resin

epoxy resin

There’s no wonder that epoxies are one of the most used substances in the world. Whether it’s a wood crafting industry, designing industry, home decoration industry or any popular industry, the resin is used in almost every tiny scale consumer industry.

Not just that, the resin is a prevalent substance for personal uses as well. Being low in cost, highly customizable, easy to mould, and weather-resistant in nature makes the epoxy resin is best used in commercial crafting products.

That’s why in this article, we’ve written an ultimate guide on how to measure and mix the epoxy in the correct way. Continue reading the article below:

A & B Parts of Epoxy

A commercial epoxy resin comes in two parts: A and B, aka cure and resin. To get the efficient and correct output from epoxy resin, you must mix the A and B parts in the right ratio.

1st Part: Safety instruments

First of all, you need to gather all your safety instruments and safety first. We know epoxy resin isn’t harmful, but it’s toxic and can cause irritation or redness to some people.

Safety Goggles

Safety goggles will protect your eyes from any accident during the epoxy set-up. Since the eyes are the most sensitive organ or body, any external object can cause severe damage to the eyes. That’s why wearing safety goggles is necessary.


Gloves will protect your hand from getting in contact with the resin. The epoxy resin might be allergic to some people and can cause temporary redness and itching on the contacted area. That’s why it’s recommended to wear gloves. You can use any thin plastic gloves, or using industrial grade PVC gloves will be perfect.

2nd Part: Arrange your measuring tool

The next thing you’ve to do is arrange your measuring tools to measure the amount of resin and mix them in a correct ratio.

Measuring cups: The first thing you’ll need is two measuring cups on which you’ll pour your resin. Make sure that the measuring lines on the cup are accurate. Otherwise, all the mixture will get wasted.

Mixture bowl: Now, you’ll need one large size bowl on which you’ll pour both A and B parts of the resin and create a mixture.

Mixing spoon: A mixing spoon is essential so that you can mix the mixture. Make sure that the mixing spoon is long enough to reach the lower end of the resin mixture.

Note: Make sure that all the tools you’re using are completely clean and there’s no external substance on the instrument.

3rd Part: Measure and Mix the Resin

Now, that’s the most complicated part. Did you know, even one single extra or less tablespoon of resin can destroy your whole mixture. Therefore, below is our step by step process on how to measure and mix the resin in a proper way:

Step 1: See the package ratio

First of all, look at the ratio amount on the package of the reason. There you’ll see the mixing ratio.

For example, if the ratio is 40:1 it means, you’ll need to mix one 1 cup, spoon, bowl or any measuring unit of B part in 40 cups, spoons, bowls or any measuring unit of Apart.

Step 2: Measure the A and B parts and Mix them.

Measure the amount of A and B resin through a measuring cup. Ensure that all your measurements are accurate. Because a tiny error can waste all the mixture of epoxy resin.

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