What are the different types of pest control methods

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From the inception of human civilization, one problem has always bothered humans, not war but it is pests and rodents. Due to them, humans have lost a very good amount of grains and food, which could have fed the entire population at that time. As time evolved, humans found many methods to eliminate and reduce their presence. But pests have also developed immunity to those methods over time.

Due to these pestering animals, Pest control Vancouver services are in the market. They deploy many methods in eliminating pests and rodents. Some of these methods are: –

1- Electronic methods

Due to technological advancements in science, now pest control services provide state of the art pest control services based on electronic instruments and devices. These methods are one time investment and found to be less expensive over time. These include-

● Electromagnetic methods- they release various electromagnetic waves of different spectrum. These spectrum waves affect the nervous system of various pests and rodents like mice, cockroaches and take them away from the house.

● Ultrasonic Method- In this method, high frequency and low sound ultrasonic waves are used for elimination of pests.

2- Hygienic method

As we all know Prevention is better than cure. In all cases there is always scope of precautions. It is also the case with pests as well. Pests bred only when there are unhygienic and dirty living conditions. Keeping proper hygiene is the best pest control. Always clean your room clean and clear timely. Clean all your clothes and dishes regularly. Spider webs must be eliminated regularly. Keeping all these hygienic lifestyles undermines the growth of pests and rodents.

3- Organic Methods

Organic methods are the most preferred way of pest control. People who want to constrain the damage inflicted by pests on the plants, pets etc. generally prefer this method. Safety of the family members and pets is also taken care of in this method. For example, people use cages for mouse capturing. Keep poisonous food for rodents, insecticidal soaps and oils etc.

4- Chemical Pest Control

Many times, organic methods are not very effective, hence the chemical methods are needed. There are many chemicals available in the market which are applied in the pest’s location, killing them instantly. It is mostly preferred by commercial and residential houses because it is very easy to use and saves time as well. They are available in solid, liquid and gas all. But it is regarded as unethical by some people. Also many times these dangerous chemicals come in contact with children, pets and other living beings, harming them a lot, so this method should be handled with utmost care.

5- Biological Method

This method is also the product of science and technology. All the game in this method is genetics. In this method living pests and rodents are used, whose DNA is genetically modified and when they sexually interact with the others, they make them infertile. So now the population can’t grow and easily the problem is solved. This method is of great help in the cases of mice, which grow exponentially and become a great problem for food production and storage.

So these were some of the most important aspects that should be taken care of. If implemented with care then surely pests will be a thing of the past for you. Otherwise, contact Vancouver pest control for help.

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