Most Important Buildings in Toronto You Should Know

It has been mentioned many times that Toronto would not be the most prosperous city in Canada if CN Tower, Union Station, and City Hall were not built there. Apart from these structures mentioned, other important buildings are worth mentioning. We have come up with a list of culturally significant buildings that have become vital to Toronto’s history. The following were chosen based on their physical and cultural presence.

Simpson’s (The Bay)

The Simpson’s has been part of Toronto’s history for more than a decade and has been battling it out with its biggest rival, the Timothy Eaton Co. The department store has Arcadian Court, a unique Art Deco restaurant, and a space for a special event on the 8th floor. At the west end of the block, the modernist tower is added. However, Hudson’s Bay Company bought out Simpson’s. On the other hand, its competitor Eaton Centre filed bankruptcy in 1999 and closed down in 2002.

Commerce Court

In 1930, the tallest building in the Commonwealth was the Canadian Bank of Commerce, designed by Pearson and Darling, a Toronto architectural firm. The site is popular because it is made of limestone and steel. It shows confidence in the bank’s stability and the development of Canada.

The well-designed tower features an impressive observation deck, vaulted banking hall, several sculpted heads that oversee the city, foresight, enterprise, and represent courage.

Maple Leaf Gardens

The Maple Leaf Gardens was recognized as a national historic site of Canada in 2006. It is one of the most popular shrines in hockey history and served the Toronto Maple Leaf residents for 68 years. Most of the professional hockey players have the most exciting moments in the place.

When Maple Leaf Gardens was built, it was recognized as one of the largest venues for important sporting events like boxing and track meets and other activities like concerts, political gatherings, rallies, religious services, and opera. The venue was built in 1931 and has maintained its iconic status as the cathedral of hockey in Canada.

Toronto-Dominion Centre

When Toronto-Dominion Centre was built, the city’s skyline has completely transformed. With their modern and elegant design, they dominated the town. This is one of Toronto’s most important buildings as TD Centre has put the city on the world stage. It was designed by modern architecture Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

The black buildings were arranged on a strict mathematical grid. You will be impressed with the building details, like the height of the two buildings, which is directly proportionate to their depth and width.

Skydome (Rogers Centre)

Rogers Centre, formerly known as SkyDome, is a multi-purpose stadium located in Downtown Toronto, southwest of the CN Tower. Since 1989, it has become the home of the Toronto Blue Jay. Toronto Raptors of the NBA and the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL played in the stadium for many years.

The stadium was renamed Rogers Centre in 2005 when Rogers Communications purchased the stadium. It was the first stadium with a completely retractable motorized roof and had a 348-room hotel connected to it with 70 rooms overlooking the field. It is also the last stadium in North American that accommodates both basketball and football.

Casa Loma

It is a Gothic Revival style building and garden located in midtown Toronto, now considered a house museum and landmark. The building’s construction was completed in 1914 designed by architect E.J. Lennox who also designed other landmarks in the city. On the north part of the public entrance, a fountain was built on a plaza surrounded by a lawn bordered by symmetrical gardens.

You will find a secret garden on the east, patio steps toward the lower terrace, and the walled upper terrace. You will also find other formal beds and a fountain.

Robarts Library

It’s the largest library at the University of Toronto, and it’s the most symbolic example of Brutalist architecture in North America. In 1973, it opened the 3-tower complex designed by two of the best architects in Canada, Mathers & Haldenby. The building is known for its triangular geometry and is devoid of windows.

Ryerson University Student Learning Centre (SLC)

This 8th story iceberg look-alike building is designed by Snohetta and Zeiler Partnership architects. It is located in the busiest intersections in Toronto, with a design similar to ancient Greece buildings. Opened in 2015, it is recognized now as Ryerson University’s most famous building.

Final thoughts

The buildings mentioned above make Toronto one of the important cities in Canada. Because of these structures, many foreigners plan to transfer to the city for good. If you are one of them, you need to find the best community and accommodation to live comfortably. You can check out to help you find one. If you have questions or want to share your ideas feel free to comment below.

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