Helium – the power of crypto and Internet of Things combined

helium and internet of things

There’s new global wireless network in town. It’s called Helium and it’s LoRaWAN based. And most important – it’s fully decentralized, meaning that every hotspot is owned by thousands of different individuals or companies.

Up until now there are more than 250 000 Helium hotspots in over 100 countries all around the world, including all the major cities. Every day over 1000 new hotspots are added to this number.

So what’s the main reason for this fast growing rate and what’s so different about Helium project? The answer is that it’s combining two very promising and dynamically developing tech segments – Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain.

As we already mentioned, Helium is based on the industry standart LoRaWAN – a reliable and secure LoRa technology for wireless communication with various devices, including sensors, smart appliances and such.

This means that Helium network is very suitable for all kind of IoT solutions. Many are convinced that it will unleash the full potential of Internet of Things and will stimulate the development of the IoT ecosystem. In fact it already does with numerous new companies like HeliumMart, selling hotspots and IoT devices emerging on a daily basis.

In addition Helium uses blockchain and it even has it’s own cryptocurrency – HNT. Only it’s mined in a very different way. Every hotspot, providing coverage as part of the Helium network is generating constantly this crypto. Thus Helium creates a new opportunity for passive income for all hotspot owners and stimulates the permanent growing of it’s network.

One very important point is that HNT is a more sustainable and eco – friendly cryptocurrency. New HNTs are not mined by the well-known GPU mining method like bitcoin, but by providing network coverage. The energy consumption is very low and the real added value for the local communities is greater. In addition LoRaWAN supports thousands environmental sensors and other eco related solutions for air pollution monitoring and other ecological activities.

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