A few facts about Burlington that you were not aware of

Burlington limo for lilacs

Burlington in Canada is one of the most unique destination in Ontario and has been impressive with a host of historical facts. If you are visiting Burlington for the first time, it may be a good idea to have a proper understanding of the town and the surroundings thereof.

Burlington is regarded as the home for peaches

You would be surprised to know that peaches in Canada were grown for the first time in Burlington. The Grindstone Creek watershed which is located at the south western end of the city is the home for the first peaches in Canada. In fact, Burlington was known for an extensive farming and that was the only occupation here. It was therefore declared as the Garden of Canada.

Roads here are closed for providing way to the Salamanders

You won’t believe it, but a road here in Burlington is closed every year so that the salamanders can cross over. The Jefferson Salamander which is specified as the endangered species gains this rare honor. There are several of these salamanders in Burlington and the King Road is located between their home and the favourite breeding ground. The road is closed every year during the season to ensure that the salamanders can cross the street.

The X Men movies were shot in Burlington

The famous and successful X men movies were all almost shot in Burlington. If you have been a consistent visitor to Burlington and have been avid water of the X men series as well, you will notice a good number of familiar locations. The Spencer Smith Park was shown in one of the movies as the New York’s Liberty Island. Go back home and screen those movies to find the places.

There is a magnetic hill in Burlington

Burlington indeed has a magnetic hill. If you have a car left in the neutral, you will find it rolling uphill here. It has been considered to be one of the most powerful magnetic hills, but lesser known when you compare it to New Brunswick. The hill is located on the King Road.

You would find a huge number of species of lilacs here

Burlington has a huge number of species of Lilac. The collection is located in the Katie Osborne Lilac Garden which is inside the Royal Botanical Gardens. The Royal Botanical gardens themselves are the largest and unique of its kind in the entire Canada. You would find more than 745 different species of lilac here making it a great number compared to anywhere in the world.

Well, having found those unknown and great facts about Burlington, are you dying to witness it right away. If you are in any of the cities nearby, head over to Burlington and then hire an affordable and reliable Burlington Limo that will take you through every nook and corner of the amazing city that we call our Home – Burlington! The affordable limo services provide you access to a great degree of experience in letting you enjoy the greatness of the city like never before.

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